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Tarun Das
Director, Integrated Ideas

It was common knowledge way back when Tarun started his career in the mid eighties, he was unable to hold a job. In three years, he bounced between photography, selling discount cards, journalism and teaching math. So, when Tarun accidentally wound up at Online, a small creative ad boutique and started servicing clients, the consensus was that it was just one more of his short-lived gigs. They were right, 6 months later he had taken up copywriting. Advertising was his destiny. Tarun enjoyed conceptual and strategic thinking, and his previous experiences in the marketplace became an asset. He took to his new career like a duck to water, working on Nescafe, Alpenliebe, Sprite, Fanta, Coke, Big Babool, Corsa, Zen, Maruti 800, Airtel, Canon, Ericsson Phones, and Taj Group of Hotels. In fact, he did it so well that within three years he was the Creative Director. Indeed, inspiration takes hold of Tarun, which if you know him, is both pretty common and also sometimes slightly scary. But, that's how his Bengali mind works. When inspiration strikes, Tarun pounces. Because that is where all his best ideas come from. (Look, what we're saying is he is an excellent creative; in no way, shape or form is Oxygen recommending anyone).